Why Playstation Plus is such a great service.


Playstation Plus is an excellent service, providing you with free games, discounts and more.  Considering the benefits of Playstation Plus, the price is impressive.

Ps Vita Firmware Update 2.01


There is a new manditory update for the Ps Vita: OFW 2.01.  This is just a minor firmware update that was made mandatory to download.


[Mod] How to make your own DIY Ps Vita Cradle!


The Ps Vita is a device too precious to be laying around on a table.  You need a cradle for it.  Too cheap for the official PSV cradle?  Why not make your own?



[Video] VHBL on OFW 2.00!


Wololo recently posted a video on his blog of one of his beta testers running VHBL on OFW 2.00!


Ps Vita OFW 2.00 kernel exploit!


Well, frostegator has done it again.  He recently discovered a kernel exploit on OFW 2.00